Studio Bound is comprised of three partners: Hussam Dakkak (Jeddah / London); Basmah Kaki
(Jeddah); Hessa Al Bader (Kuwait). Founded in 2015, Studio Bound operates as both design
studio and research lab. Their design philosophy is to develop work that is timeless, not trend
led. Their vision is to create spaces that stand the test of decades to come.
Their research lab focuses on the study of complex and unique urban contexts that have come
to shape the spaces they design. Their research initiatives are championed as a core
component of their studio, aiming to bridge both design and academic disciplines.

Experience and clients

2021 - Venice Archiectural Bienale
Freelance - Visual Designer

2015 - 2016
Senior Creative Team
at Google San Francisco

2014 - 2015
Creative team
Leo Burnett Paris

2012 - 2014
Interactive Art Director student
at Graphic Design University

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